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Thankful for those who contribute to a safer community

Saw Shop owners distribute OR-FACE safety manual John and Debbie Phipps and their son Nick have owned State Street Saw Shop in Salem, Oregon, for nearly nine years. They have been distributing the OR-FACE manual, “Fallers Logging Safety” to their customers for many years. Debbie called recently for another supply. I took the opportunity to deliver the manuals and to ask them a few questions. I found out that whenever it seemed that a customer … Read More

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Thankful for those who contribute to a safer community

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Role of the safety professional in a changing work environment

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Safety and craft brewing

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OR-FACE publishes Spanish toolbox talk guides

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Have you mapped your neighborhood?

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NIOSH renews Oregon occupational health grant

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Institute postdoc receives First Award Fellowship

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PDX Wellness inspires

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Protecting our wildland firefighters

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Oregon Building Trades Council is 75!

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OR-FACE 2013 Annual Report is out

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2015 Summer research poster presentation

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Summer Equity Research Program provides research opportunities

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See you on September 1?

Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:24:04 GMT
4th Annual Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute

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Institute postdoc researcher earns investigator award