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Machine Guarding

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Apr 2015

Machine Safeguarding and the Point of Operation (PDF)

This guide to finding solutions to machine hazards was prepared by Oregon OSHA.

(Oregon OSHA)
Mar 2005

Machine Guarding

Machines and their moving parts create the potential for workplace injuries. Installed and used properly, safeguards can protect workers by helping to reduce or control machine hazards.

(Washington Department of Labor and Industries)
Aug 2003

Machine Guarding eTool

Employee exposure to unguarded or inadequately guarded machines is prevalent in many workplaces. Consequently, workers who operate and maintain machinery suffer approximately 18,000 amputations, lacerations, crushing injuries, abrasions, and over 800 deaths per year.

Mar 2003

Concepts and Techniques of Machine Guarding

This manual has been prepared as an aid to employers, employees, machine manufacturers, machine guard designers and fabricators, and all others with an interest in protecting workers against the hazards of moving machine parts. It identifies the major mechanical motions and the general principles of safeguarding them.