Fact Sheets and Tips

Date Added Resource Source
Aug 2014

OSHA Hazard Bulletin: Tree Care Work: Falls and Falling Object Hazards (PDF)

There are many serious hazards in tree care work. This Hazard Bulletin focuses on the hazards from falls and falling objects which can result in serious injuries or death.

Nov 2007

Can You Dig It? (PDF)

A Safety & Health Guide for Young Workers in Landscaping, Greenhouses & Nurseries.

Feb 2007

WorkSafe BC Topic Page: Tree planting & other silviculture (PDF)

Here you'll find links to health and safety information and resources for work in tree planting and other silviculture.

(WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC)
Jan 2006

Agricultural/industrial Mower Safety

The following script can be used to deliver a 15-minute training session to employees. You may wish to have equipment on hand to point out safety features and demonstrate correct operating procedures. The text emphasizes important points related to agricultural/industrial mower safety.

Jan 2006

Dangers of Heat Stress

The following script can be used to deliver a 15-minute training session to employees. The text explains the impact that hot weather work can have on health, describes preventive measures, and touches briefly on first aid.

Jan 2006

Ergonomics for very small business – Landscaping Poster (PDF)

Work smarter, not harder. Think ergonomics – fitting the task to the person for very small business landscaping.

Jan 2006

Lawn Equipment Safety – A 5-Minute Safety Training Aid (PDF)

Many injuries result from the misuse of power push mowers and power line trimmers. Help reduce these accidents by following a few simple safety precautions.

Apr 2005

National Agricultural Safety Database - Horticulture and Landscape Maintenance

The National Ag Safety Database provides publications and videos addressing various aspects of safety. This topic page addresses horticulture and landscaping activities.