Green Construction

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Dec 2015

E-fact 71: Hazard identification checklist: Occupational safety and health issues associated with green building

This checklist accompanies the e-fact on the same topic and aims to help identify the potential hazards to workers’ safety and health associated with the planning and construction of green buildings, their maintenance, renovation (retrofitting), demolition, and on-site waste collection.

(European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)
Dec 2013

Occupational safety and health in the wind energy sector European Risk Observatory Report

This review considers the OSH issues in the wind energy sector, both onshore and offshore, within the EU Member States. The activities associated with wind energyare explored.

(European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)
Oct 2012

Professional Safety: LEED Credits - How They Affect Construction Worker Safety (PDF)

This article, peer-reviewed and published in the American Society of Safety Engineer's Professional Safety Journal, is written by John Gambatese and Nicholas Tymvios.

Sep 2012

Safety Goes Green


This article by Canada OHS, addresses green building sustainability efforts and the relationship to workplace safety.

(OHS Canada)
May 2012

Beyond LEED Certification: The Importance Of Creating Living Buildings

he Living Building Standard results in some of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly structures around. It’s also incredibly difficult to achieve. Is it truly changing the way we design buildings?

Apr 2012

CDPH/FACE: Preventing falls in the solar industry

As the use of solar energy continues to grow in California and the U.S., an increasing number of solar installation workers are exposed to fall hazards that can cause injury or death.

Mar 2012

NIOSH Wanted: Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Research

As popular as it has become, however, much remains unknown about spray polyurethane foam—specifically the health implications of its amines, glycols, and phosphate upon workers

Nov 2011

EHS Today: "Green" construction Workers May Face Additional Safety Risks

This November 30, 2011 article by Laura Walter in EHSToday addresses results from the study "Identification of Safety Risks for High Performance Sustainable Construction Projects."

(EHS Today)
Sep 2011

Summary of the Making Green Jobs Safe Workshop

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), through the Prevention through Design Program, launched the Going Green: Safe and Healthy Jobs initiative to make sure that green jobs are good for workers by integrating worker safety and health sustainability. Green jobs, which have been defined broadly as jobs that help improve the environment and enhance sustainability, offer opportunities as well as challenges for workers.

Feb 2011

Solar Energy Installation Hazards - fatal falls and electrocutions

The California Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) program has investigated the deaths of three workers who were installing solar panels on rooftops. One worker was electrocuted and fell to his death after a 20-foot metal bracket made contact with a nearby high voltage power line. The second worker was carrying solar panels and fell through a skylight when he tripped, and the third fell off a roof. Four FACE fact sheets and a worker fatality alert were written to inform workers and industry about the hazards involved with installing solar panels (links below).

Dec 2010

Green Job Hazards

Green jobs are being defined broadly as jobs that help to improve the environment. These jobs also create opportunities to help revitalize the economy and get people back to work. Green jobs do not necessarily mean that they are safe jobs. Workers in the green industries may face hazards that are commonly known in workplaces -- such as falls, confined spaces, electrical, fire, and other similar hazards. These hazards may be new to many workers who are moving into fast- growing green industries.

Jan 2010

NIOSH Science Blog: Going Green - Safe and Healthy Jobs

In December, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) sponsored the Making Green Jobs Safe Workshop (see for more information and links to video). At the Workshop, NIOSH presented six ideas about the steps needed to protect both workers and the environment by making occupational (worker) safety and health concepts part of green and sustainability developments. These ideas are explained below. NIOSH invites you to respond and to add your ideas by replying to this blog.

Jun 2009

NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: Going Green - Safe and Healthy Jobs

NIOSH and its partners are developing a framework to create awareness, provide guidance, and address occupational safety and health issues associated with green jobs and sustainability efforts. Keep checking back to this page for updates.

Mar 2009

Solar Construction Safety Manual (PDF)

A report by the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association provides a comprehensive overview of the worker safety hazards encountered in the solar industry. This material has been made possible by a grant from Oregon OSHA, Department of Consumer and Business Services.