Hospitality - Hotel, Restaurant and Kitchen

Hospitality Injury Prevention

Date Added Resource Source
Jan 2008

ASSE Hospitality Branch: Safety Implications of Greening: Hospitality Executive Leadership Opportunities (PDF)

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Hospitality Branch provides this white paper addressing safety and "greening practices" within the hospitality sector.

Jun 2007

WorkSafe BC Young Worker Safety Can't Wait: Safety Kit for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry (PDF)

This kit has been developed as a training tool for owners and managers, supervisors, and workers in the tourism and hospitality industry. The purpose of this kit is to improve safety in your workplace, thereby reducing injuries and decreasing your WorkSafeBC premiums.

(WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC)
Jun 2005

HSE Free Leaflets - Catering/Hospitality

You can access all of Great Britain’s Health and Safety Executive’s free leaflets on catering and hospitality through these pages.

Jun 2005

Preventing Injuries to Hotel and Restaurant Workers (PDF)

This report provides employers, supervisors, workers, and health and safety personnel in hotels and restaurants with information on accidents in these industries and how to prevent them.

(WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC)