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  1. Vermiculite Insulation Containing Asbestos (CCOHS)
    >  This OSH Answers fact sheet is an easy-to-read, question-and-answer fact sheets covering the issues related to vermiculite containing asbestos.

  2. Estándar para la Protección del Trabajador Agrícola Revisado (EPA)
    >  La mayoría de las revisiones de la norma serán efectivas el 2 de enero del 2017.

  3. Revisions to the Worker Protection Standard (EPA)
    >  The majority of the rule revisions will be effective on January 2, 2017. This will give farmers and states time to adjust to the new requirements, as well as time for EPA and states to develop updated materials for training and other purposes.

  4. Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) (EPA)
    >  EPA's Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is aimed at reducing the risk of pesticide poisoning and injury among agricultural workers and pesticide handlers

  5. Guide for Chemical Spill Response Planning in Laboratories (ACS)
    >  The objective of this guide is to provide laboratory employees with a framework for spill response planning. This planning must be done in advance, not after a spill occurs.

  6. OSHA Fact Sheet: The Use of Metrics in Process Safety Management (PSM) Facilities (PDF) (OSHA)
    >  Metrics are measures that are used to evaluate and track the performance of a facility’s process safety management program.

  7. Staying Safe at Work: A Safety and Health Curriculum for Workers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (PDF) (NIOSH)
    >  Staying Safe at Work is a six-lesson training program designed to teach basic occupational safety and health knowledge and skills to young and older workers, and students with disabilities.

  8. Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety: Healthy Workplaces (CCOHS)
    >  This website brings together information, tools and resources to help employers, workers and practitioners participate in making their workplaces healthy and safe.

  9. Change Makers (Change Makers)
    >  Change makers is a speaker series designed to highlight innovation in creating behavior change.

  10. Motor Vehicle Safety at Work: Keeping Workers Safe on the Road (CDC Foundation)
    >  This infographics addresses risks and costs of distracted and unsafe driving.

  11. OSHA Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines - November 2015 draft for public comment (PDF) (OSHA)
    >  These guidelines update and replace the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) voluntary Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines.

  12. OSH Answer Fact Sheets: Why should a workplace be concerned about healthy eating? (CCOHS)
    >  While it's most important for an employer to provide a safe and healthy workplace, it's also important to encourage healthy lifestyles among their employees. Healthy eating programs can be a great first step.

  13. How financing constraints affect workplace safety (Science Daily)
    >  A new study has examined how financing constraints impact workplace safety and the implications for firm value and employee welfare.

  14. Study links severe injuries among overweight, obese workers to higher workers’ comp costs (Safety + Health)
    >  Study links severe injuries among overweight, obese workers to higher workers’ comp costs.

  15. Walking Fends Off Loss Of Mobility, And It's Not Too Late To Start (NPR)
    >  A study out Monday finds that a regular program of physical activity reduces the time spent with mobility-limiting disability, as reported by National Public Radio.

  16. Occupational Fatalities in Oregon Annual Report 2014 (PDF) (Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences)
    >  Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation reports are for information, research, or occupational injury control only.

  17. NIOSH Announces Six National Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health® (NIOSH)
    >  The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has funded six Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health®. Two new Centers of Excellence in Colorado and Illinois will join four existing Centers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, and Oregon.

  18. Worker orientation checklist for health care (WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC)
    >  This checklist is designed to help supervisors or employers with the orientation of workers in health care.

  19. Podcasts at CDC: Protect Yourself from Heat Stress (CDC)
    >  This four minute podcast addresses heat stress: its symptoms and prevention. Date Released: 7/19/2016.

  20. When Teachers Take A Breath, Students Can Bloom (NPR)
    >  National Public Radio discusses the first mindfulness program to be studied with funding from the U.S. Department of Education — that is aimed at teachers, not directly at students.

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